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October 19, 2023

Tzu Chi Philippines performs the Sutra of Immeasurable Meanings

After months of practice, Tzu Chi Philippines volunteers take pride in the opportunity to perform the Sutra of Immeasurable Meanings simultaneously with thousands of Tzu Chi volunteers all over Taiwan and some members from Tzu Chi chapters worldwide.

There will be eight shows in Taiwan on the weekend of October 21 and 22. The Buddhist Tzu Chi Campus in Sta. Mesa, Manila, will provide an online broadcast on Saturday, October 21, from 7 to 10pm.

Performing the sutra is a whole-body experience that involves interpreting sign language movements with precision, restraint, and grace.

“It’s one way to exercise my body and soul,” said volunteer Lerma Pedro. “I like the lyrics, the melody, the meaning, and of course the camaraderie of the participants.”

“At my age, there’s still this opportunity to learn and participate,” said volunteer Levy Yao. “Being here makes me feel so young.”



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