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Aid and Relief in the time of COVID19

July 20, 2021

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Tzu Chi volunteer's training at BTCC

Angelo King Foundation donated 50 bicycles to Tzu Chi Foundation

Mindong Tea Party at BTCC

Tzu Chi volunteers Ming Chong Tea Party and Reunion

Tahanang walang hagdan Rice distribution

Tzu Chi giving Rice relief to Sister's of Mary - Boy's Town

Sister's of Mary students eye check-up

Angelo King Foundation

San Juan Mayor awarded Tzu Chi Foundation

Tzu Chi 3-in-1 Event

Prefabricated Houses in Palo

Teaching of Sign Language to Great Love Village Residents

Preparaton for the Turnover Ceremony in Palo

Turnover Ceremony in Palo

Blessing of Livelihood Program in Palo

Inauguration of the Tzu Chi Bridge of Great Love

Tzu Chi 4in1 Camp Day 1

Tzu Chi 4in1 Camp Day 2

“May our hearts be as pure as a clear stream
and our actions as gentle as a warm breeze.”

Jing Si Aphorism by Master Cheng Yen

Tzu Chi Philippines

Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation, Philippines - Jing Si Hall

1000 Cordillera cor. Lubiran St., Bacood, Sta. Mesa., Manila 1016

(632) 8714 - 1188

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