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Tzu Chi in Taiwan Education Fair 2019

August 10, 2019 | Anna Geronimo

Li-Jen Chen, Section Chief and Representative of Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology poses with two of the fair attendees who inquired about Tzu Chi University.【Abraham Torres】

Story Highlights

  • The Taiwan Education Fair 2019 in Mega-Trade Hall, Megamall hosted two Tzu Chi schools; Tzu Chi University and Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology. This marks the 3rd year Tzu Chi joined the Educational Fair.


The morning of August 10, 2019 marked the first day of the Taiwan Education Fair, held at Megatrade Hall of Megamall. The representatives for the Tzu Chi University and Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology came early to set up their booth and prepare for early participants. At 10:00 am, the Taiwan Education Fair of 2019 officially opened.


It was still quiet in the first hour but Mee Jay Domingo, Director of External Linkages and Partnerships for Mariano Marcos State University wandered between the two booths to introduce himself as a representative for his University. “I chose your University because we technically have similarities to the programs we are offering and knowing that you are a top performing school in Taiwan we also want to be a part of your circle since we are expanding. We have our own Internationalization Programs in the University. For example, we are a top performing school in Nursing, we have that. Top performing in Pharmacy, we also have that. We have Childhood Education, we have Teacher Education and a lot more. We have so much in common as what I’ve mentioned”, he enthusiastically said.

 When asked what can students of Taiwan expect from Mariano Marcos Stater University, he answered; “So right now, one of our Internationalization Programs is the students exchange. our students in your University could come to our University for their immersion programs. We also offer Language Programs for them if they want to. They can also enroll in our Undergraduate courses as we have teachers who are schooled in the US and even in the UK”.

As the fair went on, students and fair goers alike were given incentive to visit the booths for personalized giveaways and a fun way for a chance to join the lottery. Many students and teachers look for scholarships, or a chance to further their studies with Master degrees.

After lunch, the program on stage started with showcases of different local Philippine schools, showing off different kinds of dances and there was even one cultural dance.

Professor Je-wen Liou, a representative of Tzu Chi University comments, “We come to the Philippines for the Education Fair hoping to recruit some Filipino students to come to Tzu Chi University to study. Because even if we currently have more than 10 percent of students from overseas, we don’t have Filipino students in Tzu Chi University. This might be a very good opportunity for us to recruit Filipino students to Tzu Chi to enjoy the environment and also the culture of Tzu Chi. Maybe in the future, we will be able to change the society because we can train students in humanities and expertise. I think it might be a very good chance to do this”.

When asked about the turnout, he answered; “The turnout? We’re not quite sure yet but this is a three day fair, isn’t it? This is only the first day and we already got some applications today. They are basically interested in Bio-medical science and studies. And some want to be able to do their Masters and PHDs. I think Tzu Chi University is a very good place to go, because we are very strong in Bio-Medicine”

Before the day ended, the fair has one last surprise and Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology contributed something fun for the lottery. Tzu Chi volunteer Baby Acero happily said about the first day, “It’s great compared to the previous year. A lot came from the province like Mindanao University and from Ilocos. There were inquiries, there were people looking for partnerships. There were students asking for the courses they wanted. There were so many and we hope that tomorrow”.

  • Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology’s booth manned by a Tzu Chi staff member and Section Chief Li-Jen Chen.【Abraham Torres】

  • Students flock to the booths to look for prospective scholarships, courses or master degress. 【Abraham Torres】

  • Tzu Chi staff Anita Yang helps man Tzu Chi University’s booth.【Abraham Torres】

  • Section Chief Li-Jen Chen assists attendees of the fair and interested scholars with a welcoming smile.【Abraham Torres】