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Guidance continues after graduation

May 28, 2018 | Jamaica Digo

Before the fair opens, Tzu Chi volunteers gather the students to give them reminders and tips on how to conduct themselves during the job interview. 【Photo by Jamaica Digo】

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  • Committed to helping them achieve a better life, Tzu Chi Foundation’s support for the graduates of its Computer System Servicing (CSS) Course continued even after graduation by providing assistance until they land a job. On May 28, Tzu Chi volunteers accompanied nine CSS graduates to a job fair in Pasay City to seek for employment opportunities.


Fulfilling the promise to help them change their lives for the better, Tzu Chi volunteers continue to guide and help the graduates of the organization’s first Computer System Servicing Course under its Livelihood Training Program.

On May 28, the volunteers, led by Olga Vendivel, accompanied nine graduates of the program to a job fair organized by the Pasay City local government at the Cuneta Astrodome.

With more than 50 companies from various fields joining the fair, City Employment Center Officer-in-Charge Manager Filipinas Sampang was positive that the livelihood graduates of Tzu Chi will find a job that suits them.

Tzu Chi volunteers had coordinated with the said government agency to be allowed to join the fair.

With 2.32 million Filipinos unemployed as of January 2018, OIC-Manager Filipinas lauded Tzu Chi’s initiative in empowering less-privileged individuals through the skills training.  

“When they have a job, they will be dignified and become more productive members instead of liabilities to their families and communities. By helping them, we are also helping their families and the whole community,” said OIC-Manager Filipinas.

Financial difficulties in the family forced Gladys Bacsal to quit college a year ago. She spent the last months, sending out job applications and frequenting job fairs to no avail.

“I was never hired because I don’t have any work experience and seminars attended. On top of that, I had very low self-esteem,” shared Gladys, 20.

This job fair, however, was different. She approached the booths of different companies with optimism.

“Tzu Chi Foundation’s livelihood training have improved not only my work skill but also my people skills. For this job fair, I was able to apply all the values I have learned and I feel more confident talking to the interviewers,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kristian Perez, 32, appreciated the volunteers’ concern from the start of the training up until after their graduation. Before the job fair opened, Tzu Chi volunteers even gave them tips on how to conduct themselves during their interviews.

“I feel embarrassed but grateful to them for giving us so much support. We hope that this fair will lead us to land a job so that we can also pay forward what Tzu Chi Foundation has done for us, and help others,” he said.

Volunteer Olga Vendivel underscored that the job placement is part of Tzu Chi’s livelihood training program. The success of such program, after all, lies in the students’ being able to stand on their own feet.

Hence, even before opening the training, volunteers sought companies that would be willing to employ the graduates. However, despite having already lined up potential employers, the volunteers still wanted  to expose the students to other options and possibilities of better employment. Thus, bringing them to the job fair.

“If we really want them to succeed in life we also have to guide them on the jobs they want to apply for. We wish to continue to help them but we also don’t just want to hand them food. Instead, teach them how to look for food so they will be able to fend for themselves,” the volunteer explained.

  • Volunteer Olga Vendivel thanks City Employment Center Officer-in-Charge Manager Filipinas Sampang for welcoming Tzu Chi’s livelihood graduates to the job fair. On her part, the OIC Manager lauds Tzu Chi’s initiative in helping less-fortunate Filipinos gain employable skills. 【Photo by Jamaica Digo】

  • Tzu Chi volunteers guide the graduates in preparing their application papers. 【Photo by Jamaica Digo】

  • With Tzu Chi’s help, Gladys Bacsal, 20, has gained the confidence and courage to apply for a job despite being a college undergraduate. 【Photo by Jamaica Digo】

  • Tzu Chi’s support since they started training until after their graduation inspires Kristian Perez to do his best in the job interviews so that he can land a job soon and pay forward the organization’s help. 【Photo by Jamaica Digo】