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Career Level:
Experienced in managing information systems projects
Bachelor's Degree
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Full Time
Php21,000.00 /month

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MIS Manager

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About this job

  • With a degree in IT or Computer Science / Engineer.
  • With at least 3-5 year solid experience as Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities of MIS Manager:

  • Develop and analyze systems that are to be used by the employees and the managers of the company
  • Develop strategies that are to be used in implementation of software and hardware systems in the organization
  • Look after the maintenance of he computer systems and make sure that all the departments are functioning properly
  • Collect necessary specifications for each department and make sure that their requirements are met
  • Develop and manage staff to monitor technology staff and oversee policies and procedures of the company
  • Look after the purchase of the software and hardware systems and plan proper budget and quotations for the systems
  • Provide training and necessary assistance for the employees involved in implementation and maintenance of the software systems
  • Train the employees in using information systems and help them understand the configuration of the systems

Technical Skills Required by MIS Manager:

  • Should be proficient working with all types of operating systems such as Android, Microsoft, Linux, Unix, DOS, etc.
  • Should understand the specifications of the software to be installed in the computers and make necessary pre-installations
  • Ability to troubleshoot any kind of systems related problems and maintain security of the systems
  • Proficient working with the office applications, ERP software, communications systems, etc.

Key Skills Required by a MIS Manager:

  • Expertise in planning and maintaining enterprise hardware and software
  • Ability to accept challenges and tackle difficult situations and meet the expected goals
  • Focused on best practices and models that are used in the industry and can be helpful in meeting the expectations of the employees
  • Good project management skills and ability to pay attention towards the qualitative and quantitative aspects
  • Experienced in managing information systems projects


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