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Strengthening ties between Tzu Chi volunteers toward a common goal

Sunday, 30 July 2017 14:2 PM | ARTICLE BY | Chloe Dela Cruz
The last part of the activity is called Happy Ending, and it really ends happily as the volunteers pose for their last group photo. Tzu Chi Philippines CEO, Henry Yunez, lead the formation, followed by Linda Chua and Deputy CEO, Alfred Li, followed by the rest of the volunteers. This is not a simple group photo as it shows that every member of Tzu Chi Foundation will work hand in hand for the betterment of the foundation, for the spreading of goodwill and for the benefit of the poor. 【Photo by Chloe Dela Cruz】

Story Highlights

  • Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines conducted its first ever team building for their volunteers on July 29 and July 30 at Jing Si Hall, Quezon City. More than 200 volunteers from the Philippines and Taiwan attended the two-day event.
  • This team building aims to strengthen the bond between the volunteers and to come up with better strategies to fulfill Tzu Chi Foundation’s one million donor program.

In a group, teamwork is the key to doors of opportunities. It is the fuel that boosts everyone’s strength and perseverance, as well as the pathway to success. When all of the members are working hand in hand for the benefit of their group, it is not impossible for them to fulfil their mission and turn their vision into reality.

Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines held its first ever team building for the volunteers. The two-day event on July 29 and 30 aim to strengthen the ties among the volunteers and help fulfill Tzu Chi’s goal of one million donors.

More than 200 volunteers hailing from all over the Philippines, along with 12 volunteers from Taiwan, attended the activity at Jing Si Hall in Quezon City.

“We pay for our tickets and hotel accommodation in order to join this team building. In this team building we learn a lot, it’s so lively here. We all look 20 years younger because of the games. We also realized how important patience and teamwork is. And we can use that idea to recruit donors for Tzu Chi, “says Elizabeth Ko, one of the volunteers from Cebu.

“What we have learned here, we will impart it to them. I’m planning to share what I learn to the Cebuanos and encourage them to do the same,” adds Ko.

For the volunteers from Davao, they believe that all the lessons learned will be useful in their recruitment of donors for Tzu Chi Philippines’ one million donors’ mission.

“I learn today the importance of communication within a group, and the power of cooperation and unity. Aside from attaining the one million donors’ mission of Tzu Chi Philippines, these virtues will also help us to strengthen the bond between the Davaoeño volunteers,” says Michelle Hsu, one of the volunteers from Davao.

Taiwanese volunteer Kao Ming Chih, called “Teacher Kao” by the volunteers, prepared several games. Not only are these games for fun but also has a lesson to teach the volunteers. In designing these activities, Kao drew inspiration from animals, namely the squirrel and the goose.

“First is the squirrel. They have to collect food so, when the winter comes, they have food stores in their house. They have something to eat. The squirrels have the same goal with the volunteers, for the million donors. They have to do their best and give their 100-percent effort to recruit donors for the foundation. So, when the time comes that the foundation will need fund to help people, we have something to get,” says Teacher Kao.

“Second is the goose. They are very cheerful. Same with the volunteers, they bring smile to each other. Despite hard times, they encourage each other. I want the volunteers to feel that they are a part of a big family. Loving and supporting each other,” he adds.

He also says that he is happy with the result of the team building. He also believes that the foundation has a bright future because of the staff and volunteers who give their effort, time, and love for Tzu Chi.

Volunteerism knows no age

Angelie Lim, the youngest volunteer in the team building at 23 years old, shares her thoughts about being a Tzu Chi volunteer using her time for charity work and worthy activities like this one at an early age.

“In this two-day team building, I learned how important team building is, how important it is to collaborate with others and how important communication is. It is really the key in order for us to have a more efficient work,” says Lim, a volunteer from Manila.

“For the youth, I would like to say that age should not hinder you in achieving something great. Your voice is actually an eye opener,” Lim adds.

While for the 60-year-old Ning Ning So, also a volunteer from Manila, she believes that her age should not become a disadvantage on helping other people.

“Volunteerism knows no age and no social status. Even if you are young or you are old like me, you can still help other people. You can be a volunteer here in Tzu Chi Foundation. Age is not a requirement here, if you a heart that is willing to serve and a mind that thinks of the goodness of other people, and then you can be a volunteer,” says So.

Meanwhile, Tzu Chi Philippines CEO Henry Yunez cannot hide his happiness on the result of the team building that he organized.

“I don’t know how to express the happiness I have now, I can see that everybody is so energized, so happy. You can also find a lot of potential in our volunteers. And as early as today, we can see the effect already. Everybody has more focus and perseverance towards our advocacy. The direction is more unify with a common goal, everybody is willing to work hand in hand, for the common good of our foundation,” says Yunez.

He also explains the importance of the Tzu Chi Philippines one million donors’ mission.

“This happened when we had our officers training last March in Taiwan. We think of soliciting 500,000 donors, since our donors are only less than 100,000. But when Master Cheng Yen heard about our commitment, she said that 500,000 are not enough. She wants 1 million,” narrates Yunez.

“If we have more donations, we can do more. Actually, the goal of Master Cheng Yen is to build the eye housing here in the Philippines. It only proves that Master Cheng Yen wants more, not for her, but for the Filipinos,” adds Yunez.

He also hopes that, after two days of team building, each volunteer will be more determined and goal-oriented in achieving the foundation’s mission, and wholeheartedly works hand in hand with one another.

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 July 2017 14:2 PM

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