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Spreading the benefits of vegetarianism in San Juan

Saturday, 22 July 2017 14:2 PM | ARTICLE BY | Luisa Cabato
Jacqueline Ong shares her knowledge about vegetarianism to the attendees of Wellness Concert 2017 at Philippine Chen Kuang High School in San Juan City. She encourages the people to consider switching to a vegetarian diet for the sake of all living beings and our environment. 【Photo by Luisa Cabato】

Story Highlights

  • Tzu Chi Foundation was invited to give a 20-minute talk at the Wellness Concert 2017 in Philippine Chen Kuang High School in San Juan City last July 22, 2017. Tzu Chi volunteer Jacqueline Ong discussed the importance of a vegetarian diet.
  • The attendees were moved by the talk and are now enlightened with the benefits of a vegetarian diet in our body and soul. Most of them intently listened to the sharing and said that they would encourage their families to reduce their consumption of meat for the sake of a healthy body and a peaceful world.

Healthy lifestyle is one of the things that Philippine Chen Kuang High School in San Juan City promotes in their Wellness Concert 2017 held at the school gymnasium last July 22, 2017. A total of 95 individuals from the nearby town of Sta. Lucia attended the said event. The program’s aim is to spread awareness of healthy living and ways to achieve it.

Guests from different groups such as Herbalife International, Philippine Red Cross, and Tzu Chi Foundation shared their knowledge about maintaining a well-balanced life and good physical condition.

“He (the school principal) informed us that they are going to have this wellness program that includes discussion of health aspects such as body weight, skin care, as well as vegetarianism, that’s why he invited us to have a 20-minute talk about vegetarianism. We have this opportunity to teach them what vegetarianism is and introduce to them how good it is to be a vegetarian,” says Tzu Chi volunteer Carmen Sy.

Tzu Chi volunteer Jacqueline Ong served as the speaker of the Foundation. She discussed the importance of vegetarianism to the attendees.

“It’s now time to realize that being a vegetarian is a way to humanity unlike before that the reason for being a vegetarian is about health only. With what is happening around the world, terrorism, war and all those natural disasters, it all boils down to being a vegetarian. They have to be aware on vegetarianism because it can save and protect the world as well as reduce the war and terrorism around us,” shares Jacqueline Ong.

A study conducted in the United States of America says that a meat-eater tends to acquire the characteristics of the animal he/she eats like aggressiveness and even violence through the chemicals that are permanently stored in its fats, skin, and flesh. It arouses the uncontrollable emotions that results to conflicts between human beings. However, those who only eat vegetables and non-animal goods turn into peaceful and calmed people.

A total of 2,400 animals are being killed to be consumed only by a person during his/her lifetime. If only all people in the world will stop eating meat, our ecosystem would return to its normal balance and we can also reduce hunger in this planet.

A single animal such as a cow consumes even more grains and water to raise than the 1.3 billion people who go to bed hungry every single night.

“We really need it [vegetarian diet] especially the elders. There would be a big difference to people’s health if they only truly understand the importance of vegetables, especially the children. Personally, I limit myself to eating meat, vegetables are better for it has no fats and cholesterol,” says Alicia Tamboy, one of the program’s attendees.

The program was held in line with the celebration of Nutrition Month this July.

“I’m very happy for I can see from the face of the audience that they learned a lot,” says Steve Christopher Wong, school principal.

After the talks, a Zumba dance session was conducted. It served as ending and highlight of the program.

As the program ends, the satisfaction in the attendees’ hearts was palpable for they have gained knowledge on how to have a healthy body as well as revitalized soul. Tzu Chi Foundation have done its part on spreading awareness about vegetarianism and will continually do its goal of making everyone physically and spiritually fulfilled.

Last Updated: Saturday, 22 July 2017 14:2 PM

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