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Sharing a common goal, volunteers clean rooms and hearts

Friday, 26 January 2018 17:5 PM | ARTICLE BY | Chloe Dela Cruz
Even though there seems to be no end to the dust, so do the volunteers’ dedication to clean all the rooms for the sake of the future students.【Photo by Chloe Dela Cruz】

Story Highlights

  • Tzu Chi volunteers from Barangays Old Balara and Pasong Tamo clean the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth floor of the main building of Tzu Chi Great Love Campus. These will serve as the classrooms for the students of Tzu Chi’s expanding Mission of Education.
  • Inspired knowing that the rooms will be used in helping other people, the volunteers dedicate their time and effort in their work.

Tzu Chi Foundation’s Mission of Education will help more students achieve their dreams as it prepares to expand its Livelihood Training Program. Its first program in the expansion, the Machine Operation Course, has already sent its batch of students for on-the-job training in factories operated by Tzu Chi volunteers.

Because of this, Tzu Chi will require a bigger place to cater to future students.

Tzu Chi Philippines CEO Henry Yuñez has decided to use the third to sixth floors of the main building of Tzu Chi Great Love Campus in Sta. Mesa. However, because of years of disuse, a blanket of dust covers the rooms, as well as the tables and chairs stored there.

On December 2017, Tzu Chi volunteers held a general cleanup activity in the four floors of the main building for three days. And they have decided to do it monthly starting January 26.

Romela Castillo, a Tzu Chi volunteer from Barangay Pasong Tamo, Quezon City, has participated in the cleanup since the first day. She shares the struggles she and her fellow volunteers have encountered while cleaning.

“One of the hardest struggles that we encounter while doing the cleaning is the dust. Whenever we swipe the floors, we inhale the dust and we really get dirty and messy,” says Castillo.

Still, Castillo chooses to attend the activity for the fourth time.

“As a mother, I have a lot of work to do at home. Yet, I chose to participate in the activity because I am happy here. I can really feel here the spirit of unity and harmony among the volunteers. We also use opportunities like this to bond with the other volunteers,” adds Castillo.

Although not financially compensated for the work, Castillo says she’s contented seeing the clean rooms.

More volunteers have joined the cleanup now than the previous days. Marites Pilapil, a Tzu Chi volunteer from Barangay Old Balara, Quezon City, says she was inspired to join the cleanup after knowing the use of the rooms to be cleaned.

“The reason why I participate in the cleaning is because I want to help the students that will use these rooms in the next school year. I want them to feel comfortable here. It’s good to know that somehow we became a part of the students’ journey in building their future,” narrates Pilapil.

Forty-four volunteers from Old Balara and ten from Pasong Tamo have joined the cleanup activity from 8:00 a.m. up to 5:00 p.m. Senior citizens like 66-year-old Concepcion Paneza from Old Balara believe that age is just a number. No matter the age, anyone can clean his/her heart the same way they clean their environment.

“I am here in the cleaning because of Master Cheng Yen’s teaching. She said that we must clean our hearts (remove the pain and anger inside us) and clean our environment like what we are doing right now in the Main Building of Tzu Chi Great Love Campus,” shares Paneza, who adds that she feels stronger whenever she joins Tzu Chi’s activities. Tzu Chi volunteer Molita Chua, overseeing the cleanup activity, shares how fascinated she is after seeing the efforts of the volunteers.

“I really appreciate the efforts of the volunteers in this cleanup activity. Without them, it would be impossible to have this great improvement in each floor. It only shows that helping is not just in form of money. Like our volunteers, they want to give our students convenient classrooms, so they gather here and give their time, self, and effort. And that is such a noble and inspiring act of kindness,” says Chua.

#HelpTzuChiHelpOthers. For more information on how you can help Tzu Chi with its humanitarian work, you can visit the page at http://tzuchi.org.ph/how-to-help/donation/.

Last Updated: Friday, 26 January 2018 17:5 PM

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