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Dreamland, Manila scholars reminded of obedience to parents

Sunday, 17 September 2017 14:2 PM | ARTICLE BY | Luisa Cabato
An elementary student from Rosario Elementary School and her mother are in tears as the child reads her Thank You message for her mother. The elementary and high school students send their love and appreciation for their parents through a meaningful letter. 【Photo by Luisa Cabato】

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  • Tzu Chi volunteers on September 17 reminded the scholars of Rosario, Cavite and Manila about the importance of filial piety.

During the September 17 quarterly relief activity for the Dreamland community in Rosario, Cavite, Tzu Chi reminded its scholars to be obedient to their parents.

The pre-distribution program, with the theme “Filial Piety,” gathered a total of 161 elementary and high school scholars, and 14 college scholars from Rosario, Cavite, and 21 scholars from Manila. They watched a video about a son who takes the brunt of mosquito bites for his father to be able to sleep properly. The father takes the son to the doctor, who was moved by the child’s sacrifice and offered them medicine and a mosquito net. The video ends with the moral of the story: “Obedience to parents can help dispel worries.”

Emotions ran high among the scholars as they are able to realize their own parents’ love and the things that they are willing to do for them. Filial piety is one of the most important values that everyone must practice.

To express their love to their parents, scholars decorated pieces of cardboard with their Thank You message.  Some children read their messages for their parents and everyone else to hear. The sharing culminates in a heartwarming moment for parents and children alike.

“I wanted to share my feeling to my parents that even if I am not sweet to them always but I truly appreciate their love and care for me. Even though I feel like quitting, I never give up and work hard to achieve the highest grade possible,” says Chello Joyce Gutierrez, a Grade-9 student of Rosario National High School.

“I’m very touched by the way she would show her love to us as elders and I really felt that love from her. I would like to say to my granddaughter to study well and be very polite and helpful. When she grows up, she should also be understanding to her peers,” says Naneth Alfabete, grandmother of Grade-2 student Rhiane of Rosario Elementary School.

Through the program, the scholars from Manila and Dreamland formed new bonds. The youths’ relationship with their parents has also become stronger.

A total of 450 beneficiaries of the quarterly relief operation for Dreamland residents line up to receive their relief goods, which include sacks of rice, grocery items, kitchen utensils, and even sandals and school shoes.

Tzu Chi scholars from Manila are thankful for the experience. It is good to see that volunteers, scholars, and beneficiaries from Manila and Cavite,  who have different backgrounds, have come together for the common mission of alleviating the suffering and spreading love.

“I think they have all the possibilities to have a better life and be successful and reach their dreams. I would use the teaching of Tzu Chi Foundation and influence other scholars and my classmates that we can help in any way whether big or small,” shares John Denzel Rimando, a Grade-12 student at Sto. Niño National High School in Manila.

Tzu Chi not only aims to bring comfort to financially deprived people but also teach them how great love, especially to parents, will make this world brighter.

Last Updated: Sunday, 17 September 2017 14:2 PM

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