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Inculcating the value of helping the needy

Monday, 23 October 2017 16:4 PM | ARTICLE BY | Chloe Dela Cruz
Tzu Chi volunteer, Olga Vendivel, serves as the host of the program. The participants give their full attention as Vendivel shares with them the history of Tzu Chi Foundation, the advocacies of Master Cheng Yen, and the activities that the foundation does. 【Photo by Chloe Dela Cruz】

Story Highlights

  • On October 23, Tzu Chi volunteers visited Monde Nissin Corporation in Makati to conduct a seminar about the history and activities of Tzu Chi, of the life wisdom of its founder Dharma Master Cheng Yen, and the importance of sharing blessings to help the needy.
  • Some of the employees pledge a part of their salary to the foundation. The sharing made them feel how fortunate they are for having a stable job and how they have to help other people, as well.

Tzu Chi volunteers continuously visit different companies to spread the teachings of the foundation and instill the values of sharing and giving blessings to others.

On October 23, Tzu Chi volunteers visited the Monde Nissin Corporation for one such mission. A total of 120 employees attended the activity.

The company’s CEO, Henry Soesanto, feels honored to be visited by the foundation. He also believes that the talk that Tzu Chi volunteers held will inspire his employees to do more good deeds and be more productive.

“I think Tzu Chi’s mission is 100% in line with the purpose of the company. We encourage our employees to be inspired and to give inspiration also, to improve their life and the life of other people. It is basically about the care and concern. It’s not only for ourselves. Not even only your family or neighbors. Your care and concern should be expanded to other people who really need it,” says Soesanto.

Soesanto also believes that, despite his employees’ different religions and beliefs, their will to share their blessings will prevail.

Spreading knowledge about Tzu Chi

Serving as host of the program, Tzu Chi volunteer Olga Vendivel discussed the history of Tzu Chi Foundation, its founder Dharma Master Cheng Yen, and the charity works that Tzu Chi has been carrying out in the Philippines for over 20 years.

Some of the employees admit that it is their first time to hear about the foundation, yet they are amazed by all of its accomplishments.

“First of all I felt lucky enough that Tzu Chi was able to come in our office and be able to spread the word about how the foundation actually helps a lot of people. And when the video was shown, it was a realization for me to know that Tzu Chi is actually spread throughout the world. The foundation has already been able to touch and change lives of a lot of people not just only in the Philippines. I just realized that Tzu Chi is a global organization,” says employee Valerie Tan.

Tan also acknowledges the way Tzu Chi gives relief to the poor people.

“Tzu Chi volunteers show their willingness and everything they can to help the people in need immediately. They give the help to the needy with dignity, without making them feel pity for themselves,” adds Tan.

Employees’ pledge

Employee Emelie Alagao was living in Cainta, Rizal when Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) barreled through the region in 2009. Alone and pregnant with her three-month-old child, she raced for the roof as soon as the flood began to rise. In the calamity’s aftermath, the flood had washed away all of her belongings.

Because of that dark phase of her life, Alagao realized that everyone is equal when it comes to disasters. Despite having a high-paying job, when calamity hits, anyone affected will need help.

“I’m very grateful to these kinds of people like the Tzu Chi volunteers who are willing to help even though they don’t know the people they are helping. And by that, I learned that, if you received help, you must also be willing to help other people. I realized that one of the purposes of our life is to help one another, most especially in times of disaster. And this is also my message to all the victims of calamities,” adds Alagao.

Alagao pledges to donate Php 1,000 every month to Tzu Chi Foundation as her way of sending love to the needy.

Human resource officer Luisa Vitales also pledges a part of her salary to the foundation. She also shares what she learned about the essence of sharing.

“After hearing that Master Cheng Yen is just an ordinary person with unconditional love for the people, I realize that it doesn’t matter if you have a big or small donation. What is important is that it’s coming out from the heart that has a compassion for others,” says Vitales.

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