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Diverse with shared responsibilities

Sunday, 21 January 2018 14:2 PM | ARTICLE BY | Grace Limbher Daigdigan
Tzu Chi University’s international ambassadors teach the camp participants how to do the Ami’s Harvest Dance, a Taiwanese traditional dance. 【Photo by Grace Limbher Daigdigan】

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  • Tzu Chi University students from Taiwan organized a weekend camp called “Let’s Phly” for Philippine youth from January 21 to 22, 2018. On the second day of the event, participants learn about the different cultures and traditions from various countries as well as come to appreciate cultural preservation.

The second day of ‘Let’s Phly’ Weekend Camp on January 21 emphasized the unique traditions around the world, and the things that bind humans together amid their differences.

The camp is a two-day activity organized by the Tzu Chi University’s (TCU) International Ambassadors. It aims to prepare the Philippine youth to become internationally competitive professionals and responsible citizens.

During the camp, participants learned a Taiwanese traditional dance called Ami’s Harvest Dance. The Ami tribe is an ethnic group native to Taiwan. Their traditional dance is their way of showing gratitude for good harvest of crops and fishes.

Camp participants got to wear the Amis’ traditional clothing and perform the harvest dance together with TCU international ambassadors and Tzu Chi volunteers.

TCU students Yeow Shu-Ting and Lun Gelo Thabete discussed the cultures in their respective countries – Malaysia and South Africa. After being colonized by different countries, Malaysia and South Africa stood firm and fought for their independence to preserve their heritage.

The discussion left many things to reflect upon about cultural preservation among the camp participants.

“I realized that our ancestors have a lot of wisdom that we can learn from and which can help improve our society,” says Chen Shu-Xin, 14.

Studying in an international school, Chen vows to treat her colleagues right, believing it will help shape the way people perceive her Chinese heritage.

Luianna Santos from Philippine Cheng Kuang High School in San Juan City learned that respecting each culture is important to avoid conflict and build good relationships between nations. “I want the world to be a colorful place to live in with different races. I don’t want the world to be just black and white because the world is made for us and every culture to live together in peace,” she says.

Such can be achieved if everyone treats each other with gratitude, love, and respect starting at home.

To remind the participants of filial piety, the organizers asked the participants to write to their parents. However, Chen opted to thank her mother in front of everyone. “We are the world to our parents, that’s why I make sure to give them hugs and kisses whenever I leave. They deserve all the love and attention after all their sacrifices for me. I love you, mom!”

Chen’s mother, Lu Xia, is proud of the change in her daughter after the two-day weekend camp. “A teenage daughter is hard to handle but in this camp, she has really grown a lot. She even wants to be a part of Tzu Chi. In just two days, she has gained a wider understanding of the world,” Lu Xia says.

People from across the world are different in many ways. In appearance, traditions, beliefs, among others. But no matter how different they are from one another, they are bound together by one duty: to respect and to love one another.

Last Updated: Sunday, 21 January 2018 14:2 PM

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