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Year-End Ceremony for livelihood students and OBES, PTES volunteers and donors

February 03, 2019 | Charissa Tulinao

Students of the Livelihood Training Program in the Tzu Chi Great Love Campus (TCGLC) in Sta. Mesa donate through their coin banks. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

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  • The last Year-End Ceremony for 2018 was held on February 3, 2018 at the Jing Si Hall. The blessing was conducted to give recognition to the support of the volunteers from Old Balara Elementary School and Pasong Tamo Elementary School, students from the Livelihood Training Program, and our donors.


Tzu Chi showed their appreciation for the volunteers and donors of Old Balara Elementary School, Pasong Tamo Elementary School and the current, and past students of the Livelihood Training Programs as the last Year-End Blessing was conducted in the Jing Si Hall on February 3, 2019.

To honor their dedication, red packets were handed out. Volunteer Marie Masirag explained the significance of the Year-End Blessing, and the packets.

“It is important because it is the day that Master Cheng Yen gives gratitude to the volunteers and donors for their support and at the same time, they also receive blessings from Master,” said Masirag. 

The funds generated from their coin banks, as well as their contribution through their assistance in recycling were used for the missions of Tzu Chi which includes reliefs, and medical aid. The Philippine Great Treasury Sutra was presented to show the attendees the efforts of the volunteers for the past year which was made possible because of their continuous help.

Volunteers also went on stage to share the recent survey and relief that was conducted in Bicol for the victims of tropical depression Usman.  The second part of the sharing was led by another group of volunteers who told the stories of the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda five years ago.

Amongst the audience, Placido Del Mundo Elementary School Principal, Virginia Calosing volunteered during the relief missions in Ormoc. She witnessed Tzu Chi in action which ultimately encouraged her to help.

During the video presentation of both the aftermath and the relief efforts in Ormoc, she said that she couldn’t hold back her tears as she recalled her experience of encountering the victims and the effects of the disaster firsthand.

Through her close relationship with the volunteers of Tzu Chi and the organization itself, she had been adopting coin banks from the very beginning.  

“[Coin banks are important because] in a very simple way, we can help. It also encourages teachers and especially children to easily donate. It’s very fulfilling,” said Calosing.

Teaching three classes for the livelihood programs, Angelica Tan became a volunteer through the encouragement of her mother who was a volunteer 10 years ago. She also has adopted a coin bank.

“No matter who you are, you have the capacity to give. You don’t have to be rich, or whatever your economic status is.  And I think that’s our main purpose in life, to give,” said Tan.

  • Presentation of “Gratitude, Respect, Love,” and a prelude of the Water Repentance Text by the volunteers. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • Angelica Tan assists the livelihood students as they fill the clay pots with the money from their coin banks. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • Placido Del Mundo Elementary School Principal, Virginia Calosing receives her red packet that serves as a blessing from Master Cheng Yen. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】


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