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Volunteers’ Camp participants tour the Tzu Chi Great Love Campus, Dharma Masters give wisdom talks and gifts

February 23, 2019 | Charissa Tulinao

Participants line up by group before starting the tour in the Buddhist Tzu Chi Eye Center and the Livelihood Training Center. 【Photo by Nancy Que】

Story Highlights

  • On February 23, 2019, 73 participants of the three-day camp in the Tzu Chi Great Love Campus, Sta. Mesa were toured around the eye clinic and livelihood training center and received wisdom talks and gifts from Dharma Masters 德倪 (De Ni) and 德偌 (De Ruo).


After 15 long years, Tzu Chi once again conducted its volunteers’ camp to encourage and inspire the participants to join Tzu Chi Foundation as volunteers.

On February 23, more than 80 participants of the 3-day Volunteers Training Camp were able to see the Buddhist Tzu Chi Eye Center and the Livelihood Training Center. The day ended with the talk of wisdom and the giving of Jing Si products, books and red packets that were conducted by Dharma Masters 德倪 (De Ni) and 德偌 (De Ruo).

Upon the visit to the eye clinic, volunteers conducted an orientation where they explained the services that they offer to underprivileged people such as free consultations and operations, while in the livelihood center, a student shared how this opportunity changed his life after he enrolled in the program.

After being introduced to Tzu Chi by her friend Salustiana Tan to the foundation, Erlinda Ang was inspired to become a volunteer to be able to serve more people other than her family.

“The eye clinic is a first-class clinic… you can see how Tzu Chi is giving the best to the people,” said Ang.

Volunteer Joe Chen explained that it is important to showcase these facilities in order to encourage the newcomers to truly participate in the activities of Tzu Chi.

During the night, the Dharma Masters were asked to simultaneously conduct the talk in different areas in the Harmony building. Most of the participants were eager to learn from them as they showed enthusiasm by asking questions.

Michael Tan asked about conflicts that arise from religion. His question was pertaining to the religion of some of his friends who are not Buddhist, although he wanted to share Tzu Chi values with them, but he is worried that they might leave him due to their differences in religious beliefs.

The answer of Dharma Master 德偌 (De Ruo) was that it didn’t matter because Tzu Chi upholds values that are for the good of humanity.

After the talk, upon receiving the Jing Si products, books and the red packet, he expressed his wholehearted appreciation.

“Jing Si books are full of wisdom thoughts that could help us in our way in dealing with our day to day problems or day to day situations, and the red packets is a form of blessing which enables us to have a connection with Tzu Chi,” said Tan.

Demi Li was in the other session with Dharma Master 德倪 (De Ni). She asked what she needed to do, or the requirements she had to fulfill to meet Dharma Master Cheng Yen.

Four years ago, in China, her daughter had an activity in school where they learned about Tzu Chi. She then got information about the missions of Tzu Chi which instilled her interest to become a volunteer.

When they moved to the Philippines, she was delighted to know that Tzu Chi was also operating in the country.

Her batch also received the Jing Si products, books and red packets. She appreciates the efforts of everyone involved with the Jing Si products, and the foundation itself.

  • Volunteer Joe Chen lead the participants to the buildings of the eye clinic and livelihood programs. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • The participants were divided into two. The first batch toured the Tzu Chi Eye Center. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • Volunteer Rosita Daluz explains the various services of the eye clinic. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • Participants gather around Dharma Master 德偌 (De Ruo) as she begins with the talk. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • One of the attendees participate by asking his own personal questions. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • Dharma Master 德偌 (De Ruo) hands out the red packets to the participants. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • The first batch of male participants bow to Dharma Master 德偌 (De Ruo) to pay respect. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • In the session hall, female participants listen to Dharma Master 德倪 (De Ni). 【Photo by Katrina Mina】

  • Participants were encouraged to ask Dharma Master 德倪 (De Ni) questions. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】


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