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Unwavering love to long term care beneficiaries

January 22, 2018 | Grace Limbher Daigdigan

The 2-year long term care beneficiary Precy Rada and family is grateful to the Tzu Chi University’s international ambassadors and Tzu Chi volunteers for having been visited and for receiving 40-kilos of rice assistance which helps her family sustain everyday food consumption from the foundation. 【Photo by Grace Limbher Daigdigan】

Story Highlights

  • On January 22, the thirteen international ambassadors of Tzu Chi University – Taiwan are divided into three teams to join the home visit of the long term care beneficiaries located at Happy Land – Tondo, Pasig City, Navotas City and Rizal Province with the Tzu Chi volunteers. Also, they will be handling over 10-kilos of sacked rice and grocery packs to each of the families.


On January 22, the Tzu Chi University’s thirteen international ambassadors visited long term care beneficiaries residing at Happy Land – Tondo, Pasig City, Navotas City and Rizal Province.

Joining the students are the Tzu Chi volunteers who were divided into three groups. Along with them are some goods such as 10-kilos of sacked rice and grocery packs which will be given to each of the families.

This immersion intends to widen the students’ understanding of the different circumstances which people face in their everyday lives. Also, to keep them determined in extending help to the people in the poverty line in attaining a better life.

Seeing the condition of 11-months-old Kylie Sophia Osin, Yeow Shu – Ting can’t help but shed tears. She has a condition called Encephacoele Congenital. It is a defect caused by failure of the neural tube to close during the fetal development which led the 50% of her brain left soaked in the water outside the skull forming a balloon-shaped adjacent to the head.

The TCU’s international ambassador with the volunteers offered prayers and words of encouragement to the Osin family as the scheduled operation of Kylie is approaching. Meanwhile, Yeow hopes that the operation will be successful and that Kylie will recover as fast as she can to live normally and to fulfill her dreams.

From Navotas City they go all the way to Happy Land, a place where most people engage in scavenging to support their everyday needs. Just like for the family of Precy Rada and Conchita Sumaya.

Everyday they scavenge for bags of recyclables and sell it to junk shops. But the money that they are earn is not even good enough to cover the three meals of the day.

While giving the 10-kilos of sacked rice to Conchita Sumaya, 69, grains fell off the sack as it was left open. Children of Happy Land rushed in picking up these grains. Witnessing it, Tina Hsu helped these children for them to have something to eat. She opted to do this act as she knows that harvesting the grains is hard so it must be wasted.

On the other hand, Norberto Lucion sells ‘Pagpag’, leftover meat which is bought from food chains for only Php 30 to Php 70 per bucket, season and deep-fry. This is his source of income which he provides him with Php 180 per day for the needs of his family.

After seeing the four cases of the long term care beneficiary with different backgrounds, the TCU’s international ambassadors were left speechless of the poor living they have. All they can do is to cheer them up to replace their stressful aura to a brighter one.

As for Amy Huang, she pledges to help by giving food to impoverished people whenever she sees them on the streets. As a student, it’s the least thing that she can do, to feed the hungry stomachs.

Jenny Liu, 18, hopes that she will have a lot of opportunities to help these kinds of people as an international ambassador. She pledges to give hugs to the impoverished ones to let them feel that they are helped and deserve to be helped.

“The feeling of helping in person is really genuine. It not only allows me to be grateful for what I have but also think of what I can offer to these people unlike just seeing it on the television,” says Liu.

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  • TCU’s international ambassadors and Tzu Chi volunteer Jimmy Chua put their palms together as they pray for the successful near operation and a speedy recovery of 11-months-old Kylie Sophia Osin – who is suffering from a condition called Encephacoele Congenital. 【Photo by Grace Limbher Daigdigan】

  • Tina Hsu, 18, helps in picking up grains of rice which fell as they give the 10-kilo sacked rice. She is inspired to do this as she saw how the other children rushed to pick up the grains. 【Photo by Grace Limbher Daigdigan】

  • Noberto Lucion, a long term care beneficiary for almost 2-years, receives a 10-kilo sack of rice. To support his family with other expenses, he cooks and sell ‘Pagpag’, a leftover meat which is washed and recooked. 【Photo by Grace Limbher Daigdigan】

  • Upon arriving at Happy Land – Tondo, Amy Huang gives out bread to street children to pacify their hungry stomachs. 【Photo by Grace Limbher Daigdigan】

  • The children of Happy Land who seldom eat, so they value each grain of rice. 【Photo by Grace Limbher Daigdigan】

  • Grandchildren of Precy Rada entertained the Tzu Chi volunteers and TCU’s international ambassador by dancing. 【Photo by Grace Limbher Daigdigan】

  • With no hesitations, TCU’s international ambassadors and Tzu Chi volunteers walked in a dirt road to visit the long term care beneficiaries to give them smiles on their faces and let them feel that they are loved. 【Photo by Grace Limbher Daigdigan】