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Tzu Chi Survey Team Visit Taal Lake Area

January 30, 2020 | Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines

Story Highlights

  • Tzu Chi survey team proceed to towns near Taal Lake to have a better understanding of the situation in that area and how the foundation can help the victims affected by the Taal Volcano eruption.


Our second batch of survey team compose of 5 Tzu Chi volunteers and 2 social workers from the Department of Charity left for Barangay Bilibiwang and Banyaga of Agoncillo, Batangas in the early morning of January 30.

After the relief distribution at Tuy, Batangas on January 28, Tzu Chi volunteers continue to survey the areas affected by the volcano eruption near Taal Lake.

Volunteers tried to reach Barangay Bilibiwang and Banyaga of Agoncillo, Batangas with the help of Aylwin Beraquit, who hails from Batangas and helped them contact the mayor of San Nicolas and other barangay captains as well. The team was unable to enter the two barangays when they met tricycle drivers rushing out of the said barangays and told them that the roads ahead were damaged by an earthquake a few hours ago and there was no way for them to enter the two barangays.

The survey team turned back and went to Barangay Pamiga; Barangay Bangin; Barangay San Teodoro and Barangay Subic Ilaya of Agoncillo, Batangas before proceeding to the municipality of San Nicolas.

Along the dusty Hi-way, the team encountered villagers bringing their live stocks out of the danger zone and farm vehicles being transported to safer sites too.

Volunteers saw roads cracked open, some houses torn apart, some buried under the weight of volcanic ash, and land raised 1.5 meters after the eruption and continuous earthquake.

Taal fisherman Maron Sangalang and his sister said they lost everything they had, including their house, fishing boat and their main source of income. They are at a lost on what the future holds for them. The survey team gathered more information from the local government and will hold a meeting with the executive committee to discuss how Tzu Chi Foundation can help the victims from the Taal Lake area.

  • Volunteer point to the cracked road along the Hi-way. 【Photo by Johnny Kwok】

  • Houses destroyed by the weight of ash fall and continuous earthquake. 【Photo by Johnny Kwok】

  • Land raised 1.5 meters after the eruption. 【Photo by Johnny Kwok】

  • Evacuation of farm vehicles to safer sites. 【Photo by Johnny Kwok】

  • Rest House covered with volcanic ash lay in silent to the scenic view of Taal Island. 【Photo by Johnny Kwok】

  • Tricycle driver informing Aylwin Beraquit of the closed road ahead. 【Photo by Johnny Kwok】

  • Livestocks being transported out of the danger zone. 【Photo by Johnny Kwok】

  • Houses flatten by volcanic ash. 【Photo by Johnny Kwok】

  • Fisherman Maron Sangalang from Taal Island lost everything he had. 【Photo by Johnny Kwok】