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Tzu Chi shares Typhoon Yolanda efforts during the Volunteer’s Camp

February 24, 2019 | Charissa Tulinao

On the last day of the three-day Volunteers’ Camp, volunteers conducted a sharing of the relief and assistance that Tzu Chi provided to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

Story Highlights

  • Five years after Typhoon Yolanda, it is vital that the participants of the three-day Volunteers’ Camp learn about the relief efforts that happened in the province of Leyte. Volunteers share Tzu Chi’s immediate response and the continued assistance to the victims during the last day of the camp in the Tzu Chi Great Love Complex, Sta. Mesa on February 24, 2019.


Typhoon Yolanda had caused so much sufferings in the Leyte area. Tzu Chi volunteers’ relief efforts five years ago was engraved in the hearts of its people.

On February 24, 2019, the last day of the three-day Volunteers’ Camp, participants were able to listen to speakers who talked about the disaster that Typhoon Yolanda had caused to thousands of residents in Leyte.

The session was divided into three parts with different speakers.

The first speaker was Michael Siao who discussed the initial efforts during the typhoon, Sally Yuñez took over the second part to share the ongoing assistance to the victims of Leyte. This is because of the continuous support of the foundation in terms of their living conditions as well as their livelihood.

The last part was tackled by Peggy Jiang wherein she presented the photo and video exhibit that happened during the months of October and November 2018 in Leyte and the victims that come to reciprocate for the help Tzu Chi extended to them 5 years ago.

In her words, she hopes that despite the disaster that struck the province, may the good seeds continue to grow.

Showing the efforts of the volunteers to the participants of the camp holds significance and Jiang believes that they must realize that they should do something as new volunteers.

“We know that when these types of disasters happen, we need to warn ourselves that we understand the lessons that is telling us,” said Jiang.

Shernie Ng expressed her admiration towards the volunteers. Upon learning the relief that happened during the typhoon, she was impressed because they can immediately respond to the disaster, without any second thoughts and offer their help despite the circumstances.

She noticed that it wasn’t just about the material or financial help that they provided but it is how compassionate the volunteers were in their inter-action with the survivors.

  • Volunteer Sally Yuñez oversees the Great Love Village and Livelihood Center in Palo, Leyte. She presented pictures of the survivors working inside the village and the center. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • Volunteer Peggy Jiang shares the stories of the victims as well as the exhibition of the typhoon. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • Among the audience were group leaders who have been assisting the participants throughout the camp. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • The participants listen attentively during the sharings of the speakers. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】


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