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Tzu Chi Philippines Welcomes Participants to Volunteers’ Camp

March 29, 2019 | Katrina Mina

Participants had their first lesson in sign language. 【Photo by Katrina Mina】

Story Highlights

  • Tzu Chi Philippines welcomed 75 participants to a three-day volunteers’ camp that will introduce the foundation’s missions and activities to those who are interested join as volunteers.


Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines welcomed 75 participants to the three-day volunteers’ camp for those who are interested to know more about the foundation and would like to join as volunteers.

Held at the Harmony Hall of Tzu Chi Great Love Campus from March 29-31, 2019, 80 volunteers worked hand in hand in the preparations and overall execution of the event to ensure that the camp would be a success.

To start their journey on the Tzu Chi Path, volunteers taught the participants the Tzu Chi Way and proper etiquette. Tzu Chi volunteer Ligaya Ng first presented some key values in which the foundation works on; gratitude, respect and love.

Ng also taught the aspiring volunteers the proper way to conduct themselves. Lessons on how to walk and sit properly, dress codes and their meanings, as well as the house rules for lodging and sleeping in the camp.

“Tzu Chi is a big family, just like any family, there are house rules and ethics to follow in order to live harmoniously together. Likewise, in this big family of Tzu Chi we also need to live harmoniously.” said volunteer Ligaya Ng.

The participants are aware that these lessons are necessary for them to cultivate goodness both for themselves and others as well. Robert Ong Jr. said that aside from making himself better, these proper etiquette can be introduced to others as well.

“I have to learn this so that I can teach others the right way. If I did not study or learn these things, how can I teach others the right way?” he said.

The participants also recognized the vision of Tzu Chi in making the society become more harmonious. Participant Denise Tan said that the way of Tzu Chi eliminate the differences between people of different background.

“It also emphasizes that all of us move the same way though we come from different background. we move the same way, we talk the same way, we sit the same way [and] we dine the same way. So it removes the differences between different backgrounds, different religions.”

Roma Fe Mabanagalso said that it’s important to learn the Tzu Chi etiquette because it represents the foundation.

“Even if we have different personalities, but we’re still united with one goal and that is to help the humanity.”

  • Volunteers welcome the participants to the Harmony Hall. 【Photo by Katrina Mina】

  • Tzu Chi volunteer Chieh Fang Uy shows the camp kit to participant Robert Ong Jr. 【Photo by Katrina Mina】

  • Volunteer Ligaya Ng taught the participants the song Gratitude, Respect and Love at the start of the session. 【Photo by Katrina Mina】

  • Videos on Tzu Chi etiquette were shown to the newcomers during the first session. 【Photo by Katrina Mina】

  • Participants were encouraged to engage in the discussions. 【Photo by Katrina Mina】

  • Participants danced to the song “With You by My Side” taught by the volunteers to end the first day. 【Photo by Katrina Mina】