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Tzu Chi launches first Philippine Teachers Summit

October 23, 2018 | Katrina Mina

Teachers from six schools in San Juan and Quezon City remove pegs from the Light of Hope installation as a gesture of bringing light to different parts of the country. 【Photo by Katrina Mina】

Story Highlights

  • The first Tzu Chi Philippine Teachers Summit at Jing Si (Still Thoughts) Hall gathered 453 teachers from 6 different schools in San Juan City and Quezon City. The aim of the activity is to teach teachers the art of values formation in molding the next generation of role models of the society.


Tzu Chi Philippines on October 23 initiated the first Tzu Chi Philippine Teachers Summit, inviting hundreds of educators from six schools in San Juan City and Quezon City.

A total of 453 teachers from Old Balara Elementary School, Pasong Tamo Elementary School, Placido Del Mundo Elementary School, San Juan Elementary School, Kabayanan Elementary School, and Salapan Elementary School gathered at Jing Si (Still Thoughts) Hall to learn about Tzu Chi and its Four Missions. More importantly, the teachers are reminded of their role in shaping the next generation of role models of the society.

“[The event] is to nourish the heart of the teacher so they can reflect and be reminded of their role, not just teaching academics but also showing love and care to their students,” said Tzu Chi volunteer Marie Masirag, who teaches at Old Balara Elementary School.

The summit inspired 97 percent of the attendees to become donors. However, it also taught the teachers’ ways to help students become responsible members of the society. This is in light of today’s youth engrossed in gadgets and other distractions, according to Noelyn Abraim, a kindergarten teacher from Placido Del Mundo Elementary School.

“Nowadays, the values formation of kids is affected by gadgets. Their compassion and empathy are lessened,” said Abraim.

Katherine Martinez, assistant principal of San Juan Elementary School, believes the event helps the teachers learn the art of values formation for their students.

“It broadened the teachers’ minds, especially those who face difficulties. Because nowadays, the children are very diverse as they come from different backgrounds,” said Martinez.

The schools were also awarded with teaching materials used in Jing Si Time for Kids classes and a book set for the children readily translated to Filipino by the teachers.

Tzu Chi volunteer Woon Ng hopes that this initiative from Tzu Chi would help teachers understand their immense part in the society.

“Hopefully through the teachers, they can purify and refine minds. One single student, by a teacher’s extra effort and extra loving heart could transform so differently. This society could start to be better.” said Ng.

  • With tears in her eyes, Noelyn Abriam, a kindergarten teacher for five years in Placido Del Mundo Elementary School, shares her passion for teaching. 【Photo by Katrina Mina】

  • Volunteers and teachers alike walks the runway in a fashion show featuring the products of Da Ai Technology. 【Photo by Jenielyn Sy】

  • A teacher from San Juan Elementary School fills up the donation form. She is one of the many teachers who showed their compassion by becoming a Tzu Chi donor in the Philippine Teachers Summit. 【Photo by Katrina Mina】

  • The crowd raises their arms collectively as they engage in a yoga session by “YOGA Is For Everyone”. 【Photo by Jenielyn Sy】

  • Tzu Chi volunteer Woon Ng pins a heart sticker on a teacher's chest as a symbol of gratitude for becoming a donor. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • Tzu Chi volunteer Judy Lao gives the crowd a brief history of the foundation, its values and teachings, and its founder Master Cheng Yen. 【Photo by Katrina Mina】

  • Principals from the six schools receives tokens from the foundation. Each school was given teaching guides and a translated Jing Si Aphorisms book set for the students. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • Volunteer and educator Jamil Carvajal gives an engaging talk to the crowd as he teaches the five-step methodology of Jing Si Aphorism. 【Photo by Jenielyn Sy】