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Promoting recycling in Ormoc

January 12, 2017 | Donna Abigail L. Bula

Although they only intended to inform the residents about Tzu Chi’s recyclable collection program, which will start in the coming weeks, many of the villagers have already took out their recyclable materials to donate. Tzu Chi volunteers show discipline as they carry the donated recyclables in leaving the villages. 【Photo by Donna Abigail L. Bula】

Story Highlights

  • Local Tzu Chi volunteers in Ormoc have started promoting Tzu Chi’s environmental protection by visiting 10 villages across the city and encouraging the residents to donate plastic bottles, papers, among other recyclables not only to help the environment but to support Tzu Chi’s various charitable programs as well.

  • Tzu Chi’s recycling program in Ormoc will also provide Tzu Chi volunteers, who hailed from the poorest families, with a livelihood as Tzu Chi gives them Php200 daily cash allowance to carry out the recycling work.

Tzu Chi Foundation’s environmental protection advocacy is now spreading in Ormoc City with the launch of a cash-for-work recycling program here.

On January 12, local Tzu Chi volunteers began promoting recycling in 10 different villages across Ormoc City: Barangay Cogon, Barangay Punta, Barangay Linao, Barangay Tambulilid, Barangay Naungan, Barangay Alegria, Barangay Mejia, Barangay Can-adieng, Barangay Bagong-buhay, and Barangay San Isidro.

In the coming weeks, these Tzu Chi volunteers will be collecting recyclable materials such as plastic bottles and papers, among others, from the said villages. The project aims to teach the residents the importance of segregating their trash and of recycling in caring for our planet while also providing a livelihood for the Tzu Chi volunteers, who hailed from the poorest of families.

Under the program, Tzu Chi will mobilize its local volunteers to collect recyclable materials every week across the mentioned 10 villages. Tzu Chi will provide cash allowance of Php200 for every participant. Prior to accommodating the volunteers under the program, Tzu Chi conducted an assessment of their family’s living conditions, ensuring that the project will benefit those who need it the most.

As an ardent advocate of environmental protection, Ormoc City Vice Mayor Leo Carmelo Locsin Jr. is highly appreciative of Tzu Chi’s recycling program.

“I’m just happy that this is also what Tzu Chi is pushing for. The City Mayor and the entire City Councilors, and also I, fully support this project by Tzu Chi Foundation,” the vice mayor says.

During their house-to-house calls in the villages, Tzu Chi volunteers took the chance to explain how every recyclable material donated to Tzu Chi will greatly help not only the environment but also our less-fortunate fellowmen.

Proceeds from selling Tzu Chi volunteers’ collected recyclables go to fund the foundation’s various charitable programs like disaster relief operations, medical missions, and scholarship grants.

In Taiwan, a modern facility run by Tzu Chi Foundation is also producing reusable materials such as blankets, clothes, jackets, among others from PET bottles.

“Those who heard about the Tzu Chi blankets that were made from PET bottles were amazed and were happy to discover that their trash at home can be transformed into something useful. That is why even when the agenda today is to only let the residents know about Tzu Chi’s recycling program, some of them already took out the recyclables they had collected at home,” shares Tzu Chi volunteer Juanito Suco.

Among the residents who responded positively to Tzu Chi’s visit is Perla Avila, who lives at the Camella Homes subdivision in Ormoc City. Avila welcomed the Tzu Chi volunteers in her home and listened with undivided attention when the latter explained about recycling.

When the volunteers were done, she took out recyclables that she had kept at home for some time.

“I usually collect these recyclables to sell so I can earn a little extra but with the Tzu Chi volunteers coming here to collect donations of recyclable materials in the next weeks, I intend to give these to them instead. According to Tzu Chi, through the proceeds from these recyclables, they will be able to help other needy people in Ormoc,” says Avila.

“I will even gather as many recyclables as I can so I can help the Tzu Chi volunteers in their mission,” Avila adds.

  • Tzu Chi volunteers meet with Ormoc City Vice-Mayor Leo Carmelo Locsin Jr. An environmentalist himself, Vice Mayor Locsin fully supports Tzu Chi’s recycling project. 【Photo by Donna Abigail L. Bula】

  • Wearing their radiant smiles, local Tzu Chi volunteers of Ormoc gear up for their recycling promotion in Ormoc villages. Part of the activity is distributing recycling flyers to households and informing them of Tzu Chi’s recycling program. 【Photo by Donna Abigail L. Bula】

  • Tzu Chi volunteers gather to assign areas and discuss how they can effectively maximize their time in promoting the foundation’s environmental protection program to different villages on this day. 【Photo by Donna Abigail L. Bula】

  • Tzu Chi volunteers knock on every house to inform the villagers of Tzu Chi’s recycling program as well as to encourage them to donate their recyclables to Tzu Chi. 【Photo by Donna Abigail L. Bula】

  • Perla Avila donates heaps of plastic bottles and other recyclable materials she had collected to a Tzu Chi volunteer. She used to sell these recyclable materials to earn extra but after learning that Tzu Chi uses them to fund their charity works, she made a vow to continue collecting plastic bottles and donate them instead. 【Photo by Donna Abigail L. Bula】

  • After a day of promoting recycling to different villages, Tzu Chi volunteers gather to share and learn from each other’s experiences as well as suggest other methods that they can use to effectively conduct the promotion. 【Photo by Donna Abigail L. Bula】

  • Tzu Chi volunteer Juanito Suco Jr. leads the team of recycling volunteers for the promotion activity on this day. 【Photo by Donna Abigail L. Bula】


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