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Preparation for Marawi

August 20, 2019 | Anna Geronimo

Tzu Chi staff Rico Balid starts loading foundation rods for the 200 temporary houses already sent to Marawi.【Photo by Anna Geronimo】

Story Highlights

  • It was the 20th of August when Tzu Chi employees began loading the components for the 200 Temporary Housing Units that have been shipped to Marawi. More than 40 Housing Units have already been assembled.


It was a hot day on the 20th of August when Tzu Chi Staff started bundling up needed parts for the 200 houses already sent to Marawi.

With 40 already built, the heavy metal foundation rods are bundled into batches to be flown to the Temporary Housing Units site for the displaced population of Marawi. Rico Balid, the instructor of the Marawi builders, looked over the slow but steady loading of the parts to the loading van. Bundles of shovels are grouped into neat piles will also be sent to Marawi.

  • A forklift is used to carry batches of very heavy metal foundation rods. 【Photo by Anna Geronimo】

  • Support bars of the housing units will be send to Marawi. 【Photo by Anna Geronimo】

  • Rico Balid looks through inventory as other Tzu Chi staff members load the rods onto the truck.【Photo by Anna Geronimo】

  • Every part of the temporary housing was carefully loaded to the container that will be shipped to Marawi.【Photo by Anna Geronimo】

  • Even shovels were sent to Marawi to enable the locals to work on the housing units immediately. 【Photo by Anna Geronimo】

  • Loading was done at the Tzu Chi Great Love Campus at Sta. Mesa, Manila. 【Photo by Anna Geronimo】

  • A Tzu Chi staff member welds a hole into one of the rods that will be used.【Photo by Anna Geronimo】

  • All holes in foundational rods need to be precise so that the temporary housing units are sturdy and uniform.【Photo by Anna Geronimo】

  • Two Tzu Chi staff members make extra foundational rods in an enclosed area.【Photo by Anna Geronimo】