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Nangka clean-up drive cheer up residents

August 17, 2018 | Izzabelle Chavez

Neighbors helped each other in disposing unusable junk.【Photo by Izzabelle Chavez】

Story Highlights

  • On August 17, second day of Tzu Chi clean-up drive cleared alleyways from piles of mud and garbage.

  • A group of Tzu Chi volunteers cooperated in cleaning a house beside a creek.


On August 17, residents of Barangay Nangka in Marikina greeted volunteers of the Tzu Chi clean-up drive with a smile, thanking them for cleaning the surroundings brought by the past monsoon rains.

Three hundred participants of the Tzu Chi ‘Cash Relief’ project spread out into Barangay Nangka for a clean-up drive. Divided into three groups, volunteers were assigned to Kabayani Phase 1, 2 and Bayabas Street. Group of a hundred each, they go into alleys and bring out garbage to the main road where a payloader collects them.

Days after the disaster, Nangka is still flooded with mud and garbage.

Residents of Bayabas said they were not able to clean their area with limited tools on hand. To their Relief, Tzu Chi came with tools and heavy equipment.

“It’s hard for the residents to go out of their house because of the thick mud. Although we have cleaned our home, but the mud outside is unbearable. I go to work then come home to this situation.”, said Earl Haguisan, a resident whose house was affected.

“In some families, only one individual is working, so the cash relief and clean-up drive is a great help because this encourages them to clean their homes and their surroundings, and they will be able to put the money into good use.”he added.

Six days after the torrential rains, Nangka is recovering with the help of Tzu Chi volunteers and the heavy equipment provided by the local government.

“Nangka is still muddy. the problem now is where and how we can dispose of the trash gathered. We rented payloaders but it can’t get into the alleys. We have to bring everything to the main road.”, said Tzu Chi volunteer Scott Go.

While some are busy cleaning alleyways, a group of volunteers went to Nangka Centro to visit the house of Priscilla Riosa beside a creek. Heavy rain has brought so much mud in her house and they weren’t able to save their belongings. The family of five with a paralytic father is staying in the the lone tent left at Nangka Elementary School.

“We’ve been staying here for days and since school will start soon, I don’t know where to find a place to stay. I even paid someone 1000 pesos to clean our house, my husband is paralyzed, he needs food and diapers, and I’ve to take care of my grandchildren too.”, Riosa cried.

Siony de Guzman said she was overwhelmed by the response to the clean-up drive.“I’m glad to know that we’ve helped a lot of people through volunteering, some of them are here to clean other’s homes even when their own home needs cleaning. Through the cash relief project, they have some cash to spend at the end of the day. Every volunteer come forward for the fast recovery of Nangka.”, de Guzman said.

  • Participants in Nangka, Marikina prepared to load debris into the dump trucks. 【Photo by Izzabelle Chavez】

  • Pay loaders rented by the Tzu Chi Foundation was a great help in disposing the debris.【Photo by Izzabelle Chavez】

  • Earl Haguisan’s house front in Bayabas Street is still blocked with mud making it difficult for them every time they leave the house.【Photo by Izzabelle Chavez】

  • Priscilla Riosa introduce Tzu Chi volunteer to her paralyzed husband at the lone tent at Nangka Elementary School, .【Photo by Izzabelle Chavez】

  • Participant of Cash Relief project helped clean this house in Kabayani Phase 1.【Photo by Izzabelle Chavez】

  • Trash from alleyways waiting to be hoarded to the main road.【Photo by Izzabelle Chavez】


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