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Inspiring the middle class to share their blessings

September 27, 2018 | Jonas Trinidad

The men and women of Taft Properties, a real estate development company based in Makati City, are proud to become the newest batch of Tzu Chi donors. During the introductory seminar on September 27, the employees learned a great deal not only about Tzu Chi's humanitarian works but also the principles it lives by. 【Photo by Jonas Trinidad】

Story Highlights

  • Tzu Chi volunteers introduce the foundation and its advocacies to the employees of Taft Properties, a real estate development firm in Makati City, urging them to share their blessings with those in need. The employees’ education and income puts them in a better position to help spread love all over the country.


Tzu Chi volunteers on September 27 introduced the foundation to employees of Taft Properties, a real estate development company based in Makati City, in hopes of inspiring them to help the organization in its lifelong crusade of spreading love.

A firm at the heart of the Philippines’ prime business district, Taft Properties is comprised of tens of employees who are well-off in life due to their tertiary education and high income. The aim of the seminar is to encourage these people, who are in a better position to help, to share their blessings by way of donations. To get started, the 32 attendees each received a coin bank and a donation form.

“Before, many of our affinities are from those who we helped. This time, it came to the point that our affinities now include those from the workforce. The impact to their families, their work, and society at large would be great,” said Tzu Chi volunteer Michael Siao, the seminar’s facilitator.

Siao was invited to talk about Tzu Chi at the behest of volunteer Jack Gaisano, who serves as the company’s chief executive officer. Despite their differing approach in explaining the beliefs Tzu Chi stands for, they impart a common lesson to the employees.

“I’m totally happy that I was a part of this affair to see it through and extrapolate what it’s all about. [Siao] is looking at the Tzu Chi point of view, while I look into it more from the outside,” said Gaisano.

“We want to do good deeds not just to benefit others but also ourselves. Not monetary but the self-fulfillment of helping. Even if you don’t talk about karma, the fulfillment of helping other people will last longer than using the money to buy something for yourself,” Gaisano adds.

The life of a worker in an office setting can be described as nothing short of hectic. Ma. Florizza Advincula, the firm’s procurement officer, admits to not having enough love for those around her due to priorities. In just half-a-day, her insight has changed all but completely. And she hopes to start with putting a little blessing in her coin bank every day.

“I was inspired. With so many tragedies that have happened in the Philippines, [Tzu Chi] has done a lot to help. I feel like I want to be a part of Tzu Chi, and just by giving a little it can be a big help to others,” said Advincula.

Human Resources manager Camie Gonzales is no stranger to volunteer work, having done a couple in her high school days. Still, there’s much room in her for learning the wisdom of Tzu Chi and its beloved founder.

“I learned that I shouldn’t react out of anger too easily. I have to think things over. There’s wisdom in everything, even in a negative situation,” said Gonzales.

“We have to be aware of doing good deeds every day. So I think putting something in the coin bank daily, no matter the amount, is something good we can do. Consciously, you’re giving for the sake of others,” she added.