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Buddha’s blessing enters the homes of Tzu Chi members

May 09, 2018 | Grace Limbher Daigdigan

For Ching Yuk-Lan, Buddha bathing is beyond cleansing of the inner impurities of the soul. It is also the time to make bigger vows to create greater good karmas. 【Photo by Grace Limbher Daigdigan】

Story Highlights

  • On May 9, Tzu Chi volunteers mobilized to bring the Buddha bathing ceremony to Binondo, Manila for Tzu Chi members who can’t attend the 3-in-1 event on May 13 and 14 at the Jing Si Hall in Quezon City.


Soon after the bowing pilgrimage for Master Cheng Yen, Tzu Chi volunteers mobilized to bring the Buddha bathing ceremony to Tzu Chi members who can’t attend the 3-in-1 event on May 13 and 14 at the Jing Si Hall in Quezon City.

The Buddha bathing is a holy ritual which entails dipping the fingers into the water and offering a flower to Buddha, it is believed to cleanse an individual of inner impurities, such as anger, greed and ignorance, to allow to continue living the Bodhisattva path.

As soon as the Tzu Chi volunteers arrived at the house of Ching Yuk-Lan in Binondo, she immediately stood up from watching the Master’s talk in her living room to welcome her fellow volunteers.

Yuk-Lan has been a certified Tzu Chi commissioner even before the main office in Quezon City was built. She was very active in Tzu Chi and never missed attending the 3-in-1 event until the last two years because of difficulty in walking caused by frequent joint disruption.

“Despite having a hard time walking, I still fulfill my duties as a Tzu Chi volunteer. I remind my fellow volunteers who are younger than me to always have initiative to help others because that is what our society needs,” shares Yuk-Lan.

In the same building, Tzu Chi volunteers paid a visit to Tan Siu-Lan, a regular donor for the past 10 years. Due to her erratic schedule, she is unable to attend the ceremony which gives her a reason to double her effort in donation.

Before doing the holy ceremony, Siu-Lan handed over to the volunteers her donation amounting Php3, 400.

“I know that donating to this foundation is worth it because they are really extending their hands to the impoverished. It makes me happy that I was able to do something that can change a life for the better,” says Siu-Lan.

The 3-in-1 event happens every second Sunday of the month of May, celebrating Tzu Chi’s global anniversary, Buddha’s birthday and Mother’s Day. Master Cheng Yen always reminds her followers two things that can’t afford to wait –  to be of help to others and to be filial to parents.

This was probably what volunteer Ting Ting had in mind when she arrived at the home of her mother, Sy Lei-Ling is under the care of her younger siblings. “I missed you, Mama!”, she cried while clinging in a child-like manner to her mother and giving her hugs and kisses.

The 85-year-old Lei-Ling suffers from memory loss and goiter. As she bowed to the Buddha and offered flowers, she prayed that she can get enough sleep during the night, she has been restless through the wee hours due to her goiter. Despite her physical ailment, she manages to collect recyclables from their household and organize them in pile. At the end of the month, she asks her daughter to have them donated to the foundation.

Ting Ting reminisced how her mother would seek affection during their bonding time. She admits how much she misses taking care of her mother now that she is preoccupied with raising her own family.

“This Mother’s Day I hope I can take care of her just like I used to because no matter what, she is the only mother I have. Also, I wish for her to live a longer life full of happiness,” volunteer Ting Ting ends, kissing her mother’s cheek.

  • Upon arriving in the homes of the Tzu Chi members, volunteers immediately set up the things needed for the holy ritual, the Buddha Bathing.【Photo by Grace Limbher Daigdigan】

  • Tzu Chi volunteer Ting Ting Pua (left) is forever grateful for the unconditional love which her mother, Sy Lei-Ling, has given to their family. She promises that nothing will ever change in their mother-daughter relationship. 【Photo by Grace Limbher Daigdigan】

  • This Mother's Day, Sy Lei-Ling (center) wishes to be healed of her goiter and have good health in the coming years. 【Photo by Grace Limbher Daigdigan】

  • Though Tzu Chi donor Tan Siu-Lan does not regularly attend the pious ceremony, she continues to live her life in accordance to the Bodhisattva path and encourages her family to do the same.【Photo by Grace Limbher Daigdigan】

  • Ching Yuk-Lan receives a siopao or “shu tou” which symbolizes longevity of life. This serves as Master Cheng Yen’s gift. 【Photo by Grace Limbher Daigdigan】

  • In the busy streets of Binondo, Tzu Chi volunteers walk to the homes of Tzu Chi members for the Buddha bathing.【Photo by Grace Limbher Daigdigan】