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Bread Distribution for Thousands of Families Evacuated in Marikina and San Mateo

August 12, 2018 | Izzabelle Chavez

Tzu Chi volunteers lined up to distribute loaves of bread in Nangka Elementary School after Habagat (Southwest Monsoon) caused floods in Marikina and San Mateo.【Photo by Izzabelle Chavez】

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  • Tzu Chi distributes thousands of loaves of bread to flooded families in Marikina City and San Mateo, Rizal on Sunday August 12, 2018.


On August 12, 2018, thousands of families in Barangay Nangka in Marikina and Barangay Banaba in San Mateo, Rizal received loaves of bread from Tzu Chi Foundation.

Thousands of families were affected by the sudden heavy rainfall that caused the surge of the Marikina River.

Tzu Chi initially gave 300 loaves of bread at the night of August 11, they came back the next day with almost 4,000 loaves of bread to be distributed to the different barangays of the flooded area.

For most of the evacuees, the breads given by Tzu Chi volunteers are the first food they have since they evacuated.

Melanie Sabueto, an evacuee from Nangka Elementary School said, “When we got here yesterday, nothing was given to us until now, Tzu Chi Foundation was the first to give us something to eat.”

Sabueto’s family is one of the 29 families that shares one classroom in Nangka Elementary School.

“With 29 families in this room, we are almost 100 people who slept here yesterday. Almost half are children. We are very thankful to Tzu Chi Foundation because they’re the first who helped us in this calamity.”, Melanie added.

Ofelia Lisay proudly tells us that she has been receiving Tzu Chi’s relief ever since Typhoon Ondoy (Typhoon Ketsana).  She narrated her experience during their evacuation from this flood that is almost as bad as Ondoy.

“We evacuated here at around 7pm last night, since then, we’ve barely have anything to eat.”

Upon receiving the bread, Lisay expresses her sincerest gratitude to Tzu Chi.

“We are very happy that Tzu Chi helped us again. They’re always helping us whenever there is a calamity.”

Tzu Chi local volunteers from these affected areas helped in the distribution even though they need to clean their own homes.

Jona Yap is a graduate of Tzu Chi’s Machine Operation Course (MOC) who just graduated from the course this month. She came in her MOC uniform of a green shirt and helped in the distribution as a volunteer.

“I’m not the only one that Tzu Chi helped through the MOC program. My child is one of their scholars too, so for me, this is my way of helping Tzu Chi give assistance to others as they did for me.”, the former student-turned-volunteer said.

  • 29 families stayed in this classroom due to lack of space.【Photo by Izzabelle Chavez】

  • Melanie Sabueto feeds her son John Carlo with bread given by Tzu Chi. Their first meal since they evacuated.【Photo by Izzabelle Chavez】

  • Ofelia Lisay showed the year end commemorative coin she received from Tzu Chi Foundation after the Ondoy Typhoon 9 years ago.【Photo by Izzabelle Chavez】

  • Jona Yap (far right), a Tzu Chi Machine Operation Course graduate & a resident of San Mateo, Rizal helped in the distribution of bread to evacuees of Marikina City.【Photo by Izzabelle Chavez】

  • All smiles from Barangay Banaba in Rizal as they receive the bread while cleaning their house covered by mud. 【Photo by Izzabelle Chavez】


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