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Bodhisattvas for Marikina and San Mateo

August 15, 2018 | Izzabelle Chavez

Volunteers took notes of their duties while it was being discussed for the clean-up drive in Marikina and San Mateo.【Photo by Izzabelle Chavez】

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  • Tzu Chi volunteers discussed plans for the cash relief and clean-up drive for residents of Marikina and San Mateo.


On Aug 15, 2018, several volunteers planned procedures for the relief assistance for clean-up in Marikina and San Mateo that will start on Aug 16.

Tzuchi volunteer Michael Siao,explained the task to the volunteers for the faster recovery of Barangay Nangka, Malanday, Tumana in Marikina and Barangay Banaba in San Mateo.

"We have many Tzuchi volunteers in those areas. I am grateful for this responsibility as a coordinator. We are handling four areas and we need more volunteers. We distributed tasks to four different chapter so that everyone has work to do. I am thankful to bodhisattvas for helping relieve the sufferings of Marikina and San Mateo residents. We’re starting this as soon as possible to clean up these the places."

Tzu Chi Philippines' CEO Henry Yuñez who will be going to Taiwan for a board meeting, gave his blessings to the volunteers ahead of the clean-up to encourage them for their task ahead.

“I’ve already prepared the necessary equipment, but the problem is it’s still in Subic. We’re trying to get them within the day. Hopefully, there would be no rain so we should be able to accomplish it in 3-5 days. Good luck to everybody. Be careful.”, Yuñez said.

Master Cheng Yen insisted on the relief assistance the moment she saw the Filipinos suffering again due to the changes in the environment.

Tools and equipment to be used such as shovels, pails, gloves, face masks, etc were also discussed. Tzu Chi makes sure that everything needed by the volunteers are well prepared.

 “This clean-up operation can do two things, we’ll give them financial assistance and at the same time, help them clean their houses for them to recover fast. We always see that whenever there is flood, things they invested are gone in a snap. That’s why our volunteers in Tzu Chi are doing their best to provide what they can.”, said Jimmy Chua.

Roque Baytan whom we saw lifting boxes loading tools, a volunteer who is a resident of Tumana in Marikina said, "Preparing necessary tools for the clean-up is very important. I am happy because our house is included in the clean-up. As I am working, my mother is not able to clean our house because of her age."

  • Project coordinator Michael Siao explains the objectives of the cash relief: is to provide assistance to the residents affected by the flood.. 【Photo by Izzabelle Chavez】

  • Local volunteers from Tatalon, Quezon City prepare to help residents of Marikina and San Mateo.【Photo by Jay Rosete】

  • During the meeting, different ideas were discussed for the success of the clean-up.【Photo by Izzabelle Chavez】

  • These volunteers from Tatalon, Quezon City distributes each tasks to make sure everybody has something to do.【Photo by Izzabelle Chavez】

  • Logistics are finalizing the list of equipment and tools to be used in Marikina and San Mateo.【Photo by Izzabelle Chavez】

  • Things to be used for the clean-up are ready to be transported to the target areas.【Photo by Izzabelle Chavez】

  • Roque Bayton helps in loading the tools for the clean-up. As a resident of Tumana, Marikina, he is happy that Tzu Chi is helping them rebuild their lives.【Photo by Izzabelle Chavez】


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