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A Place of Goodness

February 08, 2019 | Charissa Tulinao

The Jing Si Hall will serve as an auditorium for programs and events. 【Photo by Jonas Trinidad】

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  • The on-going construction at the Tzu Chi Great Love Campus in Sta. Mesa continues. Buildings for dormitories and an auditorium are currently prioritized to cater bigger events that expects a large number of participants.


Tzu Chi Foundation’s charity mission aims to alleviate the sufferings of the less fortunate communities that seek help during calamities. But it is also important to the foundation that these people’s life will be better so that they can help others too.

The Tzu Chi Great Love Campus in Sta. Mesa currently has an Eye Center; a Dental Clinic, as well as a Livelihood Training Center.

In order for the organization to continue with these programs as well as conduct new activities in the future, a major renovation on the whole complex is going on.  

Tzu Chi Great Love Complex used to be the Sisters of Mary School. The 4.5 hectare lot changed ownership to Tzu Chi foundation in 2005 with the objective of providing Tzu Chi Philippines with a facility for the different missions of the foundation.

Master Cheng Yen delegated Tzu Chi Philippines CEO Henry Yuñez with the task of renovating the complex two years ago for the future of the Philippine missions.

Two buildings are presently being prioritized –an auditorium that can hold more than 600 people, as well as dormitories that can accommodate at least of 200 people.

The auditorium will be for large-scale events while the dormitories will be for the convenience of participants who has to stay overnight or who come from faraway places.

Furnitures and floorings from the dormitories were recycled from the old louver windows of the building itself.

Once these are completed, other developments such as bookstore, bakery, and additional spaces for other livelihood courses will be in place.

According to Yuñez. knowing that the complex was once operated by Catholic nuns, Dharma Master Cheng Yen considered it to be a holy place.

To be able to continue on with helping underprivileged people especially the youth, which the Sisters of Mary School did in the complex, Yuñez expressed his aspiration to maintain this disposition.

“Right now, our main focus is on the livelihood program…. We are also training a lot of out of school youth. We are helping them. So this place will keep on creating good deeds,” said Yuñez.

  • Workers move the woods needed for the auditorium one by one. 【Photo by Aleina Espineli】

  • Carpenters checked on every corner of the cabinets. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】

  • The yoga room’s floorings were made from the recycled louver windows. 【Photo by Jonas Trinidad】

  • Each of the rooms in the dormitories would be equipped with cabinets and beds. 【Photo by Jonas Trinidad】

  • Workers also make sure to paint the rooftop. 【Photo by Charissa Tulinao】


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