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A Jing Si ‘hub’ continues to mold role models

February 20, 2018 | Jonas Trinidad

Standing proud, grade school students of Philippine Chen Kuang High School (PCKHS) pray with their schoolmates and teachers. For years, the school has been active in inspiring the next generation of role models through Jing Si wisdom. 【Photo by Jonas Trinidad】

Story Highlights

  • Tzu Chi honors Philippine Chen Kuang High School for its continued role in inspiring its students to live a meaningful life through Jing Si wisdom. Its students attending the recent Earth Ethical Eating Day and “Let’s PHly” summer camp are proof of the youth’s dedication to become role models in future society.


”At the Year-end Blessing Ceremony last February 20, Tzu Chi honored the efforts of a Chinese school in San Juan City in shaping the next generation of role models.

Two years ago, Steve Wong became the principal of Philippine Chen Kuang High School (PCKHS). Having taken part in many charity activities held by Tzu Chi, he saw the benefits of imparting Jing Si wisdom onto the students. From incorporating Jing Si wisdom into the curriculum, the school has since sent students to participate in various Tzu Chi activities like the Earth Ethical Eating Day and the recent “Let’s PHly” summer camp.

On Earth Ethical Eating Day, Tzu Chi volunteers in the Philippines cooked and delivered over 1,300 vegetarian lunch and dinner packs as their way of upholding the foundation’s principles. Held every January 11, the occasion (also known as 1-1-1, in reference to the date) advocates adopting a vegetarian diet to save animals from the slaughter, as well as protect the environment.


Among the participants is a Grade-9 class at PCKHS, which uploaded a video expressing their support for 1-1-1. Upon seeing the video, Tzu Chi volunteers readied 35 meal packs for the class.

“During 1-1-1, I’ve learned that a lot of uneaten meat goes to waste. I also learned that eating vegetables not only helps other people, especially farmers, but also helps our body become healthier,” Samantha Cayabyab, who is part of the class, shares.

More than a week later, Tzu Chi University’s International Ambassadors facilitated the two-day “Let’s PHly” summer camp. Attended by over 100 students from schools in Metro Manila, the camp aimed to help make students more aware of their obligations in a tech-oriented society. Among the attendees were the chosen few from PCKHS, including Grade-10 student Luianna Santos.

A month later, fellow students watched their school’s representatives share their experiences through reports by DaAi TV, Tzu Chi’s media arm.

“Tzu Chi has been a big help to our school in terms of [inculcating proper] attitude. It taught us how to be compassionate and be able to share,” remarks Santos.

Later, the 200 students, teachers, and guests humbly accepted Master Cheng Yen’s gift of gratitude, the ang pao. These red packets contain a random Jing Si aphorism, three grains of rice to represent the three vows, and a commemorative coin paid for by Master Cheng Yen’s royalties from her books.

Even as a student, Santos believes that she can do a great service to her peers  with little deeds.

“For those having a hard time, I would gladly help them with their studies by sharing my knowledge,” she says.

“Little by little, our students are being influenced by the ideas and concepts of Tzu Chi. In fact, when our students attended the [Let’s PHly] youth camp and returned, they shared the things they couldn’t learn in the classroom,” says Wong.

Tzu Chi volunteer Carmen Sy cherishes the affinity between the foundation and the school. Since holding the first medical mission in the area several years ago, PCKHS has been an active hub spreading Jing Si wisdom among the youth and adult alike.

“Master Cheng Yen always reminds us that ‘schools nurture wisdom,’ wisdom-life for the society. We want Chen Kuang, with the cooperation between the principal and Tzu Chi, to benefit from our sharing of ideals,” Sy says.

  • During the February 20 Year-end Blessing Ceremony, around 200 PCKHS students and teachers lend an ear to a Tzu Chi volunteer explaining this year's theme. 【Photo by Jonas Trinidad】

  • PCKHS principal Steve Wong sees much benefit in incorporating Jing Si wisdom in the school's curriculum. Since then, his cooperation with Tzu Chi volunteers has made the school an active hub in spreading the teachings of Master Cheng Yen. 【Photo by Jonas Trinidad】

  • Tzu Chi volunteer Carmen Sy explains the meaning behind the ang pao or red packets of blessings. The handmade packets contain a random Jing Si aphorism, three grains of rice, and a commemorative coin. 【Photo by Jonas Trinidad】

  • One by one, the ang pao is handed out to the students, teachers, and guests. The packets are Master Cheng Yen's gifts of gratitude, especially to a community that has been active in spreading her teachings. 【Photo by Jonas Trinidad】

  • Luianna Santos silently prays with her schoolmates for peace of mind, a peaceful society, and a disaster-free world. She attended the recent "Let's PHly" summer camp on January 20 and 21, learning a great deal about the foundation and its advocacies. 【Photo by Jonas Trinidad】

  • Local officials and residents of Barangay Santa Lucia, where PCKHS is located, are invited to the celebration at the school's behest. 【Photo by Jonas Trinidad】